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Signed Copy of "Modern Calligraphy"

Signed Copy of "Modern Calligraphy"




This listing is for a signed copy of Modern Calligraphy. You will be able to specify an inscription when you add the book to your cart.


What you’ll find within the 192 pages of Modern Calligraphy:

  • Complete beginner instructions from buying supplies to holding the pen to learning to write
  • Special instructions for lefties
  • 14 pages of lettering specimens in modern script styles
  • Guidance on how to create your own unique calligraphy style
  • Intermediate techniques like how to write with paint and digitize your lettering
  • 20 unique DIY projects for stationery, weddings, and home
  • Over 260 full-color photographs and illustrations
  • Learn further details on my book page.



“I have been a calligrapher since 1985 and this is the best book I have in my vast collection of calligraphy books. The quality of the book and the layout are over the top beautiful. There is something that everyone can accomplish with a little bit of practice using Ms. Thorpe’s techniques. It is beside my drawing board, light box, ink and pens. It will not go on the shelf with the others!”
—Nancy D.

“I ready a pre-release review on this book and couldn’t wait to get a copy of my own. Scouring blogs and reading posts have been somewhat helpful, but still left me wanting more details. This book has filled the gap in what’s missing from online resources. The author writes in very simple language, explains the pros and cons of different materials and really explains the how and why of using and maintaining your calligraphy paraphernalia. My knowledge has grown tremendously from reading this book and in just a few chapters I saw an improvement in my calligraphy and am getting far better use from my nibs. This is a must have resource is you’re truly interested in calligraphy.”
—Terri B.

“I love this book! I’ve been planning my wedding and wanted to add a personal touch to some of the details. I didn’t know if it would be realistic to learn calligraphy well enough, but Molly gives a great breakdown of how to get started and all the tools you need, and then goes on to more advanced techniques you can incorporate later. I especially like that there is a whole section dedicated to various ways to write each letter in different styles (when I first started, it was super helpful to trace these and get a feel for the shapes). I’ve found my newly developed “modern” calligraphy skills to be directly helpful in my daily life too: craft projects, thank you and Birthday cards, labels for my plants, etc.”
—Mary D.


Product Details:

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin (September 24, 2013)
  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1250016320

  • ISBN-13: 978-1250016324

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